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Yana Shiki Frame Slider Kit
Yana Shiki Frame Slider Kit

$35.66 - $69.66
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Modification Required FSH205, FSBM195, FSH206, FSH229, FSK416, FSK421, FSS522, FSS535, FSS529, FSY648, FSY604, FSY605, FSY626
    Black / Modification Required Plastic FSH248, FSS514
    Black / No Modification A2550B, FSK442, FSK426, FSS531, FSS533, FSS538, FSS525, FSY652
    Black / No Modification Long A2539BP
    Black / No Modification Plastic FSY606, FSY644
    Black / No Modification Short FSH252
    Blue / Modification Required A2547BU
    Blue / Modification Required Style 1 A2546BU
    Blue / Modification Required Style 2 A2546BUP
    Yellow / Modification Required A2547YP