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Yana Shiki Billet Frame Sliders
Yana Shiki Billet Frame Sliders

$34.81 - $78.16
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black A3394B
    Black / Modification Required A3694AB, A5017AB, A2540B, A3395AB, A2547B, A2545BP, A2788B
    Black / No Modification A4068B, A3084AB, A3282B, A5015B, A2539B, A3191AB, A2837B, A4414AB, A3114AB, A4415AB, A2835B, A3023B, A4069B, A3048B, A3284B, A5018AB
    Blue / Modification Required A2545BU
    Chrome / Modification Required CA3395, CA2541A, CA2546
    Chrome / No Modification CA2837A, CA3023, CA4069, CA3284, CA3085, CA4068, CA3096, CA2834
    Polished / Modification Required A3693, A3394, A3694, A3395, A2540A, A2547A, A2545A, A2788, A2541A, A2546A
    Polished / No Modification A4068, A3084A, A3282, A2539A, A3191, A2837, A3114, A2835, A3023, A4069, A2836, A2543B, A3140, A3096
    Red / Modification Required A2546R
    Red / No Modification A2539R
    Yellow / Modification Required A2540Y