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Wiseco Pro-Lite 4-Stroke Piston
Wiseco Pro-Lite 4-Stroke Piston

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    .020 4798M03950
    .020 Oversize 4737M10050, 4816M06600, 4880M04750, 4875M05350, 40133M10050, 4752M05450, 4689M07350
    .040 4752M05500
    .040 Oversize 4737M10100, 40118M05350, 4816M06650, 4606M08600, 4798M04000, 4989M10100, 4880M04800, 4875M05400, 4815M05800, 4689M07400
    .050 Oversize 40109M08350
    .060 Oversize 4816M06700, 4798M04050, 40133M10100, 4689M07450
    .080 4842M07900
    .080 Oversize 40098M05200, 4915M06800, 4816M06750, 4755M09800, 4606M08700, 4798M04100, 4901M09800, 4630M08000, 11035M07800, 4731M09700, 4713M09200, 4689M07500, 4872M07900, 4952M07900, 4785M09700
    .090 Oversize 40011M07900
    .100 Oversize 4989M10241, 4715M10240
    .120 Oversize 4755M09900, 4606M08800
    .160 Oversize 4984M08200, 4815M06100
    .200 Oversize 4890M10100
    .240 Oversize 4983M08300
    12:1 Compression Stock Bore 4900M09600
    13:1 Compression Stock Bore 4901M09600
    Standard Bore 12.5:1 40089M09600
    Standard Bore 13:1 40095M09600
    Stock Bore 4606M08500, 4731M09500, 4915M06600, 40065M06600, 4829M07800, 4949M07800, 40003M07680, 4973M09600, 4904M07700, 4920M07700, 40010M07700, 40019M07700, 4980M09600, 4911M09550, 4713M09000, 4807M09920, 4737M10000, 4902M10200, 4843M07700, 4921M07700, 40007M07700, 4869M09550, 4953M09600, 4574M07400, 4848M09400, 4899M09600, 4419M08300, 4865M09500, 4693M09500, 4785M09500, 40001M09700, 4882M07700, 4952M07700, 4872M07700, 40072M07700, 4649M09200, 40082M09600, 40111M09700, 40116M07700, 40114M07680, 40014M08800, 40069M07600, 40124M07700, 40125M09603, 40083M05000, 4816M06550, 40145M07680, 4979M09600, 4989M10000, 4715M10000, 4880M04700, 40002M09700, 4630M07800, 40133M10000, 4927M07700, 40009M07700, 40020M07700, 40096M09600, 40136M09603, 40074M07800, 40144M07800, 40056M08800, 40015M08800, 40091M09500, 4805M09500, 40073M09500, 40117M09500, 4937M09700, 40064M09500, 4947M10000, 4981M07600, 4815M05700, 4928M07700, 4870M09550, 4954M09600, 40151M07700, 4752M05400, 4689M07300, 4881M07700, 4858M07700, 4982M08300, 40094M07700, 40075M10200
    Stock Bore / 11.5:1 4753M09600
    Stock Bore / 11:1 4941M08900
    Stock Bore / 12.5:1 Compression 40086M09600
    Stock Bore / 12:1 4820M09600, 4978M09600, 4942M08900
    Stock Bore / 13:1 Compression 40110M09600
    Stock Bore / 14:1 High Compression 40129M07680
    Stock Bore 12.5:1 4755M09600
    Wiseco Pro-Lite 4-Stroke Piston WP40199M09700

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to