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Vortex V3 2.0 Brake Lever
Vortex V3 2.0 Brake Lever

$54.77 - $84.95

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Long LVB185, LVB186, LVB187, LVB188, LVB189, LVB190, LVB191, LVB192, LVB193, LVB194, LVB195, LVB196, LVB197, LVB198, LVB199, LVB200, LVB201, LVB202, LVB203, LVB204, LVB205, LVB207, LVB208, LVB209, LVB211, LVB212, LVB216, LVB206, LVB218
    Black / Short LVB157, LVB158, LVB159, LVB160, LVB161, LVB162, LVB163, LVB164, LVB165, LVB166, LVB167, LVB168, LVB169, LVB170, LVB171, LVB172, LVB173, LVB174, LVB175, LVB176, LVB177, LVB179, LVB180, LVB181, LVB183, LVB184, LVB215, LVB178, LVB217
    Titanium / Long LVB129, LVB130, LVB131, LVB132, LVB133, LVB134, LVB135, LVB136, LVB137, LVB138, LVB139, LVB140, LVB141, LVB142, LVB143, LVB144, LVB145, LVB146, LVB147, LVB148, LVB149, LVB151, LVB152, LVB153, LVB155, LVB156, LVB214, LVB150, LVB220
    Titanium / Short LVB101, LVB102, LVB103, LVB104, LVB105, LVB106, LVB107, LVB108, LVB109, LVB110, LVB111, LVB112, LVB113, LVB114, LVB115, LVB116, LVB117, LVB118, LVB119, LVB120, LVB121, LVB123, LVB124, LVB125, LVB127, LVB128, LVB213, LVB122, LVB219