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Vertex 4-Stroke Piston
Vertex 4-Stroke Piston

$101.21 - $244.14
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    +0.50mm 23103050, 23104050, 23162050
    +1.00mm 23103100, 23104100, 23162100
    +1.00mm 11.3:1 Compression 22973100
    +1.00mm, A Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23461A
    +1.00mm, A Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23589A
    +1.00mm, B Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23461B
    +1.00mm, B Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23589B
    +1.00mm, C Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23461C
    +1.00mm, C Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23589C
    +2.00mm 22957200, 22979200
    +2.00mm 12.3:1 Compression 22964200
    +2.00mm 12.5:1 Compression 22954200
    +2.00mm 12.6:1 Compression 22982200
    +2.00mm 12.9 Compression 22983200
    +2.00mm, 11.3:1 Compression 23635A
    +2.00mm, A Piston 11.7:1 Compression 23520A, 23868A
    +2.00mm, A Piston 12.3:1 Compression 22964A
    +2.00mm, A Piston 12.5:1 Compression 23655A, 24031A
    +2.00mm, A Piston 12.8:1 Compression 24369A
    +2.00mm, A Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23656A
    +2.00mm, B Piston 11.7:1 Compression 23520B, 23868B
    +2.00mm, B Piston 12.3:1 Compression 22964B
    +2.00mm, B Piston 12.5:1 Compression 23655B, 24031B
    +2.00mm, B Piston 12.8:1 Compression 24369B
    +2.00mm, B Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23656B
    +2.00mm, B Piston 13.9:1 Compression 24322B
    +2.00mm, C Piston 11.7:1 Compression 23520C, 23868C
    +2.00mm, C Piston 12.3:1 Compression 22964C
    +2.00mm, C Piston 12.5:1 Compression 23655C, 24031C
    +2.00mm, C Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23656C
    +3.00mm, A Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23534A, 23595A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 12.5:1 Compression 23129A, 23404A, 23924A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 12.6:1 Compression 23405A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23535A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23680A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23678A, 23679A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23654A, 23925A, 23943A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 13.7:1 Compression 24237A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 13.9:1 Compression 23867A, 24348A
    +3.00mm, A Piston 14.4:1 Compression 24142A
    +3.00mm, B Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23534B, 23595B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 12.5:1 Compression 23129B, 23404B, 23924B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 12.6:1 Compression 23405B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23535B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23680B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23678B, 23679B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23654B, 23925B, 23943B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.7:1 Compression 24237B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.8:1 Compression 24032B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 13.9:1 Compression 23867B, 24348B
    +3.00mm, B Piston 14.4:1 Compression 24103B
    +3.00mm, C Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23534C, 23595C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 12.5:1 Compression 23129C, 23404C, 23924C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 12.6:1 Compression 23405C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23535C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23680C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23678C, 23679C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.5:1 Compression 23654C, 23925C, 23943C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.7:1 Compression 24237C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.8:1 Compression 24032C
    +3.00mm, C Piston 13.9:1 Compression 23867C
    +3.20mm, A Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23653A
    +3.20mm, A Piston 14.1 Compression 23788A
    +3.20mm, B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23653B
    +3.20mm, B Piston 14.1 Compression 23788B
    +3.20mm, B Piston 14.6:1 Compression 24081B
    +3.20mm, C Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23653C
    +3.20mm, C Piston 14.1 Compression 23788C
    +4.00mm, A Piston 11.3:1 Compression 23533A
    +4.00mm, A Piston 12.1:1 Compression 22966A
    +4.00mm, A Piston 13.3:1 Compression 23274A
    +4.00mm, B Piston 11.3:1 Compression 23533B
    +4.00mm, B Piston 12.1:1 Compression 22966B
    +4.00mm, B Piston 13.3:1 Compression 23274B
    +4.00mm, C Piston 11.3:1 Compression 23533C
    +4.00mm, C Piston 12.1:1 Compression 22966C
    +4.00mm, C Piston 13.3:1 Compression 23274C
    +4.00mm, D Piston 11.3:1 Compression 23533D
    +4.00mm, D Piston 12.1:1 Compression 22966D
    +4.50mm 12.8 Compression 23200450
    +6.00mm 12.6:1 Compression 23245600
    +6.00mm 12.9:1 Compression 23232600
    +6.20mm, A Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23702A
    +6.20mm, B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23702B
    +6.20mm, C Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23702C
    +7.00mm 11.9:1 Compression 23368700
    +7.00mm 12.6:1 Compression 23231700
    +7.00mm 12.9:1 Compression 23318700
    +8.00mm 13.3:1 Compression 23296
    11.7:1 Compression 23302B
    12.2:1 Compression 23304A, 23304C
    B Piston 22814B, 23003B, 23550B, 23561B, 23757B, 23759B, 23849B, 23855B, 23859B, 23961B, 23304B, 23529B, 23639B, 23730B, 23847B, 23850B, 23856B, 23860B, 23869B, 23870B, 23871B, 23962B, 23963B, 24080B
    B Piston 10.5:1 Compression 23163B, 23638B
    B Piston 11.3:1 Compression 22951B
    B Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23455B, 23522B
    B Piston 12.5:1 High Compression 22900B
    B Piston 12.9:1 Compression 22983B, 23456B
    B Piston 13.0:2 Compression 23443B
    B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23510B
    B Piston 13.8:1 Compression 24119B
    B Piston 14.4:1 Compression 24097B
    Big Bore +2mm A Piston 14:1 24238A
    Big Bore +2mm B Piston 14:1 24238B
    Big Bore +2mm C Piston 14:1 24238C
    Big Bore +3mm A Piston 13.5:1 24198A
    Big Bore +3mm B Piston 14.4:1 24142B
    Big Bore +3mm C Piston 14.4:1 24142C
    GP Racers Choice 24115A, 24189A, 24189B, 24189C, 24275A, 24275B, 24375A, 24375B
    GP Racers Choice - Stock Bore, A Piston 24285A
    GP Racers Choice - Stock Bore, B Piston 24286B
    High Compression 24374A, 24374B
    Stock Bore 23162, 23259B, 23566B, 23242A, 23543A, 22941C, 22942B, 23311B, 23564B, 23198B, 23377B, 23532B, 22805B, 23127B, 23391B, 22567A, 22605A, 22915B, 23562B, 22984B, 23103, 23104, 24018B, 24020B, 24024B, 24098B, 24099B, 24109B, 24122B
    Stock Bore 10.1:1 Compression 23965B
    Stock Bore 10.2:1 Compression 23643B
    Stock Bore 10.5:1 Compression 24027B
    Stock Bore 10.6:1 Compression 23832B
    Stock Bore 11.0:1 Compression 23548B
    Stock Bore 11.1:1 Compression 23966B
    Stock Bore 11.5:1 Compression 23545B, 23909B, 24028B
    Stock Bore 11.8:1 Compression 23762B
    Stock Bore 11.9:1 Compression 23379B, 23381B
    Stock Bore 11:1 Compression 23555B, 23329B
    Stock Bore 12.0:1 Compression 23340B, 23644B
    Stock Bore 12.1:1 Compression 24025B
    Stock Bore 12.3:1 Compression 23711B
    Stock Bore 12.5:1 Compression 23417B, 23857B, 23863B, 23958B, 22969B, 23833B
    Stock Bore 12.6:1 Compression 23647B
    Stock Bore 12.8:1 Compression 23380B
    Stock Bore 12.9:1 Compression 23378B
    Stock Bore 13.0:1 Compression 23551B
    Stock Bore 13.1:1 Compression 23546B, 23864B
    Stock Bore 13.2:1 Compression 23646B
    Stock Bore 13.3:1 Compression 23114B, 23236B
    Stock Bore 13.4:1 Compression 23544A
    Stock Bore 13.5:1 Compression 23444B, 23549B, 22896B, 23861B, 23941B, 22889B, 23563B, 23959B
    Stock Bore 13.6:1 Compression 23831B, 23739B, 23858B
    Stock Bore 13.7:1 Compression 23960B
    Stock Bore 13.8:1 Compression 23565B, 23733B, 23737B, 23873B, 23874B
    Stock Bore 13.9:1 Compression 23458B, 23567B, 23515B, 23394B, 23862B
    Stock Bore 13:1 Compression 23243A, 23199B, 23553B
    Stock Bore 14.0:1 Compression 23642B, 23736B, 23872B
    Stock Bore 14.1:1 Compression 23848B
    Stock Bore 14.2:1 Compression 23738B, 23942B
    Stock Bore 14.4:1 Compression 23954B
    Stock Bore 14.5:1 Compression 23732B, 23734B
    Stock Bore 14:1 Compression 23642A
    Stock Bore 8.8:1 Compression 23908B
    Stock Bore E Piston 12.1:1 Compression 23003E
    Stock Bore E Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23114E
    Stock Bore Pro 13.8:1 Compression 24092B
    Stock Bore Single Ring 13.5:1 Compression 22812B
    Stock Bore, A Piston 22982A, 23445A, 23235A, 23641A, 23342C, 23623A, 22356A, 22978A, 23762A, 24123A, 24124A, 24167A, 24196A, 24213A, 24214A, 24220A, 24286A, 24367A, 24371A, 24381A, 24382A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 11.0:1 Compression 23329A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 11.3:1 Compression 22951A, 23609A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 11.5:1 Compression 22814A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 11.7:1 Compression 23302A, 23759A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 11.8:1 Compression 23859A, 24209A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 11.9:1 Compression 23198A, 23381A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23340A, 23455A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.1:1 Compression 23003A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.2:1 Compression 23377A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.3:1 Compression 23711A, 23860A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.5 Compression 23127A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.5:1 Compression 22900A, 22915A, 23417A, 23562A, 23855A, 23857A, 23863A, 23958A, 24018A, 24284A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.6:1 Compression 23849A, 24099A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.7:1 Compression 22805A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.8:1 Compression 22980A, 24211A, 24270A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.9 Compression 23378A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 12.9:1 Compression 22983A, 23456A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23199A, 23443A, 24019A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.1:1 Compression 23864A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.2 Compression 23856A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23446A, 23510A, 23566A, 23850A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.3:1 Compression 24113A, 24272A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23113A, 23114A, 23311A, 23564A, 24267A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.5:1 Compression 22889A, 22896A, 23259A, 23391A, 23444A, 23550A, 23563A, 23646A, 23861A, 23871A, 23941A, 23959A, 23961A, 24022A, 24109A, 24187A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.6:1 Compression 23731A, 23739A, 23831A, 23858A, 23869A, 24112A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.75:1 Compression 24122A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.7:1 Compression 23529A, 23960A, 24118A, 24165A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.8:1 Compression 23565A, 23567A, 23733A, 23737A, 23873A, 23874A, 24020A, 24119A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.9:1 Compression 23394A, 23458A, 23515A, 23757A, 23862A, 24269A, 24273A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.0:1 Compression 23736A, 23872A, 24098A, 24121A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.1:1 Compression 23561A, 23848A, 23962A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.2:1 Compression 23647A, 23738A, 23942A, 24117A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.3:1 Compression 23847A, 24021A, 24120A, 24268A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.4:1 Compression 23954A, 24097A, 24188A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.5:1 Compression 23732A, 23734A, 23870A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.6:1 Compression 23730A, 23963A, 24271A, 24274A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.7:1 Compression 24114A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 14.8:1 Compression 24023A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 15.1:1 Compression 24116A
    Stock Bore, B Piston 22982B, 23235B, 23342B, 23445B, 23623B, 23641B, 23731B, 24116B, 24123B, 24124B, 24196B, 24198B, 24213B, 24214B, 24220B, 24272B, 24285B, 24367B, 24371B, 24381B, 24382B, 24368B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 11.8:1 Compression 24209B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 12.5:1 Compression 24284B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 12.7:1 Compression 23382B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 12.8:1 Compression 24211B, 24270B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.0:1 Compression 24019B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23446B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.3:1 Compression 24113B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23113B, 24267B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.5:1 Compression 24022B, 24187B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.6:1 Compression 24112B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.7:1 Compression 24118B, 24267B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.9:1 Compression 24269B, 24273B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.0:1 Compression 24121B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.2:1 Compression 24117B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.3:1 Compression 24021B, 24120B, 24268B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.4:1 Compression 24188B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.5:1 Compression 24115B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.6:1 Compression 24271B, 24274B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.7:1 Compression 24114B, 24167B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 14.8:1 Compression 24023B
    Stock Bore, C Piston 22541C, 23762C, 24196C, 24116C, 24123C, 24124C, 24198C, 24213C, 24214C, 24272C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 11.3:1 Compression 22951C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 11.5:1 Compression 22814C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 11.7:1 Compression 23302C, 23759C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 11.8:1 Compression 23859C, 24209C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 11.9:1 Compression 23198C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23455C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.1:1 Compression 23003C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.2:1 Compression 23377C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.3:1 Compression 23711C, 23860C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.5 Compression 23127C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.5:1 Compression 22900C, 22915C, 23445C, 23562C, 23855C, 23857C, 23863C, 23958C, 24018C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.6:1 Compression 23849C, 24099C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.7:1 Compression 22805C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.8:1 Compression 24211C, 24270C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 12.9:1 Compression 22983C, 23378C, 23456C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.0:1 Compression 22968C, 23199C, 24019C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.1:1 Compression 23864C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.2 Compression 23856C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23446C, 23510C, 23566C, 23850C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.3:1 Compression 24113C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23113C, 23114C, 23311C, 23564C, 24267C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.5:1 Compression 22889C, 22896C, 23259C, 23391C, 23444C, 23550C, 23563C, 23641C, 23646C, 23861C, 23871C, 23941C, 23959C, 23961C, 24022C, 24109C, 24187C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.6:1 Compression 23731C, 23739C, 23831C, 23858C, 23869C, 24112C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.75:1 Compression 24122C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.7:1 Compression 23529C, 23960C, 24118C, 24165C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.8:1 Compression 23565C, 23567C, 23733C, 23737C, 23873C, 23874C, 24020C, 24119C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 13.9:1 Compression 23394C, 23458C, 23515C, 23757C, 23862C, 24269C, 24273C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.0:1 Compression 23642C, 23736C, 23872C, 24098C, 24121C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.1:1 Compression 23561C, 23848C, 23962C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.2:1 Compression 23647C, 23738C, 23942C, 24117C, 24275C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.3:1 Compression 23847C, 24021C, 24120C, 24268C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.4:1 Compression 23954C, 24097C, 24188C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.5:1 Compression 23732C, 23734C, 23870C, 24115C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.6:1 Compression 23730C, 23963C, 24271C, 24274C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.7:1 Compression 24114C, 24166C, 24167C
    Stock Bore, C Piston 14.8:1 Compression 24023C
    Stock Bore, D Piston 11.5:1 Compression 22814D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 11.9:1 Compression 23198D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23455D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 12.1:1 Compression 23003D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 12.5:1 Compression 22900D, 22915D, 23127D, 23445D, 23562D, 23855D, 23857D, 23863D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 12.6:1 Compression 22982D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 12.7:1 Compression 22805D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 12.9:1 Compression 22983D, 23456D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.0:1 Compression 23199D, 23443D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.1:1 Compression 23864D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.2 Compression 23856D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23566D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23113D, 23114D, 23311D, 23564D, 24267D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.5:1 Compression 22889D, 22896D, 23259D, 23391D, 23444D, 23563D, 23646D, 23861D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.6:1 Compression 23858D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.7:1 Compression 23529D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.8:1 Compression 23565D, 23567D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 13.9:1 Compression 23394D, 23458D, 23515D, 23862D
    Stock Bore, D Piston 14.3:1 Compression 24268D

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to