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Vertex 2-Stroke Piston
Vertex 2-Stroke Piston

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    +0.25mm 22568025, 22569025
    +0.50mm 22447050, 22568050, 22569050, 23621050
    +0.50mm Long Rod 23607050
    +0.75mm 22568075, 22569075
    +1.00mm 22447100, 22568100, 22569100, 23119100
    +1.00mm Long Rod 23607100
    +1.50mm 22447150, 22568150, 22569150
    +1.50mm Long Rod 23607150
    +2.00mm 22447200, 22568200, 22569200, 22858200, 22866200, 22871200, 22875200, 22880200, 22882200, 23119200, 23614200, 23621200, 24352200
    +2.00mm Long Rod 23607200
    +2.00mm, B Piston 22880B
    +2.50mm Long Rod 23607250
    +3.00mm, A Piston 23265A
    +4.00mm 23205400
    +4.00mm, A Piston 23335A
    +4.00mm, B Piston 23335B
    +5.00mm 23205500
    +5.00mm, B Piston 23628B
    +5.00mm, C Piston 23628C
    AB Piston 24106AB, 24107AB
    B Piston 22499B, 22863B, 22189B, 22995B, 22153B, 22387B, 22581B, 22809B, 23133B, 22151B, 22600B, 22601B, 22996B, 24105B
    C Piston 22685C, 23140C
    CD Piston 24106CD, 24107CD
    Stock Bore 22447, 22860B, 22502B, 22803B, 22498B, 22712B, 23004B, 22244B, 22521B, 22795B, 23124B, 22813CD, 23294B, 22650B, 22909B, 23121B, 23630B, 22877B, 22216B, 22652B, 22998B, 22386B, 22540B, 22585B, 22854B, 22868B, 22224B, 22441B, 22520B, 22806B, 23119B, 22356B, 22154B, 22568, 22569, 22215B, 22245B, 22248B, 22293B, 22361B, 22442B, 22459B, 22532B, 22541B, 22646B, 22649B, 23457B, 23928B, 24101B, 23599B, 23429EF
    Stock Bore +5mm Long Rod 23607
    Stock Bore 13.5:1 Compression 23756B
    Stock Bore 14.0:1 Compression 23605B
    Stock Bore AB Piston 22481AB, 23430AB
    Stock Bore CD Piston 22481CD, 23430CD
    Stock Bore Single Ring 23621A, 23637B
    Stock Bore Stroker 23879B
    Stock Bore, A Piston 22991A, 23383A, 22584A, 24234A, 23375A, 22216A, 22360A, 22500A, 22803A, 22926A, 23614A, 23628A, 23630A, 23879A, 24101A, 24105A, 24212A, 24233A, 24244A, 24352A, 24370A
    Stock Bore, AB Piston 23429AB
    Stock Bore, B Piston 23375B, 22584B, 22991B, 23383B, 22358B, 22360B, 22522B, 23249B, 23614B, 23758B, 24233B, 24243B, 24244B, 24279B, 24280B, 24352B, 24370B, 24383B, 24384B, 24385B, 24386B, 24387B, 24388B, 24389B, 24390B, 24391B
    Stock Bore, C Piston 22216C, 22358C, 22360C, 22803C, 22926C, 23614C, 23761C, 24101C, 24105C, 24212C, 24233C, 24234C, 24243C, 24244C
    Stock Bore, CD Piston 23429CD
    Stock Bore, D Piston 22216D, 22360D, 22860D, 24212D, 24243D, 24244D
    Stock Bore, Double Ring 22926B
    Stock Bore, Single Ring 22925B
    Stock Bore, Single Ring A Piston 24243A

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to