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Streamline Rear Brake Line
Streamline Rear Brake Line

$8.77 - $35.99
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Blue / +2" TRX250R-R-2-BLUE, 300EX-R-2-BLUE, 400EX-R-2-BLU, BAN-R-2-BLUE, KAW400-R-2-BLU, KAW700-R-2-BLU, LT250-R-2-BLUE, LT500-R-2-BLUE, LTR450-R-2-BLUE, Z400-R-2-BLU, PRED500-R-2-BLUE, RAP-R-2-BLU, RAP350-R-2-BLUE, RAP700-R-2-BLUE, WARR-R-2-BLUE, YFZ450-R-2-BLU, YFZR-R-2-BLU
    Blue / +6" BAN-R-6-BLU
    Blue / Stock TRX250R-R-BLUE, 300EX-R-BLUE, 400EX-R-BLUE, Z400-R-B, KAW700-R-BLU, LT250-R-BLU, LT500-R-BLUE, LTR450-R-BL, Z400-R-BLU, PRED500-R-BLUE, RAP-R-BLUE, RAP350-R-BLU, RAP700-R-BLUE, TRX450-R-BLU, YFZ450-R-BLU, YFZR-R-BLU
    Clear / +2" 300EX-R-2, 400EX-R-2, BAN-R-2, BLAST-R-2, KAW400-R-2, KAW700-R-2, LT250-R-2, LT500-R-2, LTR450-R-2-CL, Z400-R-2, PRED500-R-2, RAP-R-2, RAP350-R-2, RAP700-R-2, WARR-R-2, YFZ450-R-2, YFZR-R-2
    Clear / +4" BAN-R-4
    Clear / +6" BAN-R-6
    Clear / Stock TRX250R-R-CL, 300EX-R, 400EX-R-0, BAN-R, BLAST-R-, Z400-R, LT250-R-0, LT500-R-0, LTR450-R-CL, Z400-R-0, PRED500-R, RAP-R-0, RAP350-R, RAP700-R, TRX450R-R, WARR-R-CL, YFZ450-R, YFZR-R
    Red / +2" TRX250R-R-2-RED, 300EX-R-2-RED, BLAST-R-2-RED, KAW400-R-2-RED, KAW700-R-2-RD, LT250-R-2-RED, LT500-R-2-RED, LTR450-R-2-RED, Z400-R-2-RED, RAP-R-2-RD, RAP350-R-2-RED, YFZ450-R-2-RD, YFZR-R-2-RD
    Red / +6" BAN-R-6-RD
    Red / Stock TRX250R-R-RD, 300EX-R-RD, 400EX-R-RD, BLAST-R-RED, KAW400-R-RED, LT500-R-RED, Z400-R-RD, RAP-R-RED, RAP350-R-RED, RAP700-R-RED, TRX450-R-RD, WARR-R-RED, YFZ450-R-RD
    Smoke / +2" TRX250R-R-2-SMOKE, 300EX-R-2-SM, 400EX-R-2-SM, BAN-R-2-SMOKE, BLAST-R-2-SMOKE, KAW400-R-2-SMOKE, LT250-R-2-SMOKE, LT500-R-2-SMOKE, LTR450-R-2-SMOKE, Z400-R-2-SM, PRED500-R-2-SM, RAP-R-2-SM, RAP350-R-2-SMOKE, RAP700-R-2-SMOKE, TRX450-R-2-SM, WARR-R-2-SMOKE, YFZR-R-2-SM
    Smoke / +4" BAN-R-4-SMOKE
    Smoke / Stock TRX250R-R-SM, 300EX-R-SM, 400EX-R-SM, BAN-R-SMOKE, BLAST-R-SM, KAW400-R-SM, LT250-R-SM, LT500-R-SMOKE, LTR450-R-SM, Z400-R-SM, RAP-R-SMOKE, RAP350-R-SMOKE, RAP700-R-SMOKE, TRX450-R-SM, WARR-R-SM, YFZ450-R-SM, YFZR-R-SM