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Cylinder Works Top End Kit With Cylinder - 4-Stroke
Cylinder Works Top End Kit With Cylinder - 4-Stroke

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  • Description

  • Cylinder
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Front Cylinder/Stock Bore 30007
    Rear Cylinder/Stock Bore 30008
    Stock Bore 10004, 10001, 10007, 10002, 10006, 10008, 50004, 40001, 30001, 30006, 30004, 30005, 30011, 50002, 50001, 50003, 40003, 40004, 20002, 20010, 20001, 20003, 20005, 10003, 10005, 10009, 20004, 20104, 40002, 60002, 60003
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Cylinder Works Top End Kit With Cylinder - 4-Stroke C3267-EST, C3268-EST, C3150-EST, C7978-EST, C3142-EST, C3054-EST, C3175-EST, C3406-EST, C3051-EST, C3139-EST, C3066-EST, C3057, C7947, C7908-EST, C3395-EST, C3164-EST, C3428-EST, C3187, C7185, C3288-EST, C3047-EST, C3270-EST, C7688, C3519-EST, C3511-EST, C3549-EST, C3540-EST, 10004-G01, 860VG810276, 810364, 860VG810585, 860VG810328, 860VG810339, 40003-G01, 20005-G02, 10003-G01, 801904, 10009-G01, 20004-G01, 30007-G01, 60002-G01, 60002-G02, 60003-G01
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    11.7:1 Compression 23302B
    B Piston 22814B, 23003B, 23550B, 23561B, 23757B, 23759B, 23855B, 23961B, 23304B, 23529B, 23639B, 23730B, 23847B, 23856B, 23869B, 23870B, 23962B, 23963B, 24080B
    B Piston 10.5:1 Compression 23163B, 23638B
    B Piston 11.3:1 Compression 22951B
    B Piston 12.0:1 Compression 23455B, 23522B
    B Piston 12.5:1 High Compression 22900B
    B Piston 12.9:1 Compression 22983B, 23456B
    B Piston 13.0:2 Compression 23443B
    B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23510B
    Stock Bore 23259B, 23566B, 23311B, 23564B, 23532B, 22805B, 23127B, 23391B, 22915B, 23562B, 22984B, 24018B, 24024B
    Stock Bore 10.1:1 Compression 23965B
    Stock Bore 10.2:1 Compression 23643B
    Stock Bore 10.5:1 Compression 24027B
    Stock Bore 11.0:1 Compression 23548B
    Stock Bore 11.1:1 Compression 23966B
    Stock Bore 11.5:1 Compression 23545B, 23909B, 24028B
    Stock Bore 12.0:1 Compression 23644B
    Stock Bore 12.1:1 Compression 24025B
    Stock Bore 12.5:1 Compression 23857B, 23958B
    Stock Bore 12.6:1 Compression 23647B
    Stock Bore 13.0:1 Compression 23551B
    Stock Bore 13.1:1 Compression 23546B
    Stock Bore 13.2:1 Compression 23646B
    Stock Bore 13.3:1 Compression 23114B, 23236B
    Stock Bore 13.5:1 Compression 23444B, 23549B, 22896B, 23861B, 23941B, 22889B, 23563B, 23959B
    Stock Bore 13.6:1 Compression 23831B, 23739B, 23858B
    Stock Bore 13.7:1 Compression 23960B
    Stock Bore 13.8:1 Compression 23565B, 23733B, 23874B
    Stock Bore 13.9:1 Compression 23458B, 23567B, 23515B, 23394B, 23862B
    Stock Bore 13:1 Compression 23553B
    Stock Bore 14.0:1 Compression 23642B, 23736B, 23872B
    Stock Bore 14.1:1 Compression 23848B
    Stock Bore 14.2:1 Compression 23738B, 23942B
    Stock Bore 14.4:1 Compression 23954B
    Stock Bore 14.5:1 Compression 23732B, 23734B
    Stock Bore 14:1 Compression 23642A
    Stock Bore 8.8:1 Compression 23908B
    Stock Bore Pro 13.8:1 Compression 24092B
    Stock Bore Single Ring 13.5:1 Compression 22812B
    Stock Bore, A Piston 22982A, 23445A, 23235A, 23641A, 23623A
    Stock Bore, A Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23446A
    Stock Bore, B Piston 22982B, 23235B, 23445B, 23623B, 23641B, 23731B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.2:1 Compression 23446B
    Stock Bore, B Piston 13.4:1 Compression 23113B

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.