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Differences between a 7/8 inch handebar and 1 1/8 inch handlebar

Pros and Cons: 7/8-inch or 1-1/8-inch Oversized Handlebars

A successful day on the Motocross track requires so many variables but it always comes down to rider comfort. If you're not feeling it, then don't expect to finish first. For years, riders had no options when it came to handlebars. Sure,...

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Dirt Bike and ATV Oil Change Guide

Changing the oil in your dirt bike or ATV should rank high on your routine maintenance list and something easily done at home. It's much like changing the oil in your car except you don't have to crawl under the engine. Fresh oil...

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Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms on a Dirt Bike or ATV

Despite the ah-dang-it sputtering demise of the engine you actually might not have run out of gas. You'll know this once you unscrew the gas cap and see half a tank of fuel left. Now you know what happens when the fuel pump gives out. A bad...

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How To Reduce Handlebar Vibration On a Dirt Bike

If you've ever been to Disneyland perhaps you've stepped inside the arcade on Main Street and tried your hands on the electric shocking machine. This "game" requires you to hold on to metal handles emitting a current of electricity that slowly...

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How To Start a Dirt Bike That Has Been Sitting

So, you're finally getting back to it. Perhaps it was a nasty get-off leaving you TV bound fox six months or life turned busy and before you knew it, a year passed between rides. Either way, your dirt bike sits by its lonesome in the garage...

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How To Clean 2-Stroke Power Valves

One of the better improvements incorporated into the 2-stroke engine occurred during the 1980s when power valves were introduced allowing a broader power band instead of all the power on the low end or all the power on the top end. Power valves,...

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Should You Snorkel Your ATV?

Photo: ATVMudslinger.com If you've spent any time in a body of water it's quickly noted that to have any fun you need a snorkel. The same could very well be said of swimming but since we rip ATVs through the mud and water to do so effectively...

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How To Find An Oil Leak on Your Dirt Bike

Jubilation always turns to dismay after discovering the black gold seeping through a fissure in the foundation of your garage is simply oil dripping from somewhere on your dirt bike. Now you've got to figure out the origin of the leak. If the...

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Common Dirt Bike Clutch Problems

The longevity of a clutch depends on the rider and the ride. Pros often burn through a brand new clutch during the main event in Supercross while the trail riding weekend warrior enjoys months, even a year of trouble free shifting. But when the...

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DOT approved dirt bike tires

A Guide to DOT Approved Dirt Bike Tires

Dirt bikes are made for the dirt, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes you need pavement to get to the dirt and you can't do that, at least legally, without a set of Department of Transportation (DOT) approved tires. This is just a fancy way of...

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