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How to Make Exhaust Quieter on a Dirt Bike

Loud exhausts might save lives on the street but on the track or trail most riders prefer the "silence is golden" treatment. A loud exhaust can damage hearing, elicit a call from an annoyed neighbor and prevent you from competing in a sanctioned...

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Dirt bike leaning on a dirt bike stand

How To Find a Good Dirt Bike Mechanic

Always assume some risk when leaving your dirt bike in the hands of a qualified mechanic. People make mistakes and sometimes people don't always have the best intentions. The best mechanic rests with you. Learn as much about maintenance so the...

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Ask a Mechanic: Dirt Bike Suspension Setup

Q: Ken Roczen used a stiffer suspension at A1 when the race called for a softer suspension. Now I'm confused. Can you tell me the ideal dirt bike suspension setup? A: The short answer boils down to you. What do you like best and what helps your...

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Guy spraying a dirt bike with water

Some MOTOvation to Get Through Coronavirus

If you have given up hope for the afternoon soaps and a bottle of cold brew, and got nothing to do and all day to do it, don't let it tick away with your sanity. Use the forced downtime to work on your dirt bike. It's hard to believe such a...

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Guy tightening bolts on a dirt bike

How To Keep Dirt Bike Bolts Tight

Oh man, again!? Another bolt, forever lost in a sea of Motocross dirt. You factory torqued the thing. Over and over. Only this time it managed to free itself. Probably somewhere over a triple. You ever go around your house with a screwdriver...

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Ask a Mechanic: How to Start a Motorcycle Without a Key

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: I recently bought a Kawasaki Ninja 300. I have a tendency to lose my car keys so before I run into trouble I was wondering how to start a motorcycle without a key? A: Your...

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Tips for Buying a Used 2-Stroke Dirt Bike

If you want to ride the 2-stroke dirt bike popularity wave be ready to shell out big bucks for a new 2-stroke from Yamaha, KTM or Husqvarna take your chance on an older model from any of the big manufacturers sold by someone with or without good...

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Rider on a 2-stroke dirt bike

2-Stroke Dirt Bike Exhaust: Upgrade Pipe, Silencer or Both?

The stock exhaust on a 2-stroke dirt bike doesn't offer much to look at. It braps but it doesn't braaaaap. Basically it gets the job done. You have the expansion chamber (pipe) and the silencer (muffler) along with a generic power band. A stock...

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2-Stroke Racing: Maintenance Checklist

It may not seem like it, but spring resides just around the corner and that means the Motocross racing season looms large. Thanks to the resurgence of the 2-stroke revolution, more and more riders have stopped with all the nostalgia and simply...

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Mechanic installing muffler on dirt bike

Dirt Bike Exhaust - Does an Upgrade Help?

One of the top upgrades many dirt biker riders get shortly after taking their new ride home comes in the form of a new aftermarket exhaust system. Even though the stock exhaust works completely fine. This results in one of the most common...

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