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10 Really Expensive Adjustments to Improve Dirt Bike Performance

Sometimes money is no object. And if the world were perfect every dirt bike rider would have access to the best and finest aftermarket products available, alas only a lucky few get that shopping spree. Unless you're racing in...

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Tips to prepping the starting gate at a Motocross race

Sweep Your Way to the Holeshot

There's nothing worse than losing a Moto before the gate drops. It can happen and it all starts with the Start. When it comes to Motocross there is no one single most important component to winning. There's a variety of elements intertwining...

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12 Inexpensive Adjustments to Improve Dirt Bike Performance

When I was younger with little funds and would work on my car, a used car that is, I always tried to find ways to make it run better, improve its performance and of course make it last longer. Short of simply buying a brand new...

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How To Clean Dirt Bike Exhaust

That shiny metal object on the rear of your dirt bike that spews out the sweet smell of pre-mix or high octane racing fuel might not be so shiny anymore. Over time, usually a race season, the slip-on to your exhaust system appears a bit grungy...

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How To Get Ideal Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

Motocross teams constantly tweak, test and tweak some more to gain the slightest edge over competitors. From chain tension to a small adjustment on the clickers it can all add up to a smoother, faster Moto that keeps the rider at...

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2022 Monster Energy Supercross Season Schedule

Feld Entertainment released the 17-round 2022 Supercross schedule returning to normalcy as it leaves the much-beloved midweek racing a thing of the past and California hosting five of the first six rounds. With the hope that the coronavirus...

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How To Ride a Dirt Bike

Everyone remembers their first time. It was probably a bit scary, most definitely exhilarating and likely pretty quick. You might have been the type that wanted everything perfect so you dressed up and wore the appropriate...

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2021 Spring Creek Motocross Photo Gallery

2021 Spring Creek Motocross Recap Crashes and new winners highlighted a rather wild Round 6 of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series on Saturday at Spring Creek in Millville, MN. Justin Barcia (1-2) slipped into third-place in...

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Tips to maintaining a 4-stroke dirt bike

Routine Motocross Bike Maintenance Tips - 4 Stroke

Investing in a dirt bike is like adding a high maintenance and needy friend into your life. But the reward of giving all that love and attention to this seemingly impoverished piece of machinery is unequaled. Unlike today's modern...

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Motocross Protective Gear Buying Guide

Motocross protective gear is an absolute necessity when riding a dirt bike. The best riders hit the dirt from time to time but accidents aside, wearing protective gear while riding dirt bikes reduces the chance of serious injury from roost,...

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