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Dirt Bike and ATV Oil Change Guide

Changing the oil in your dirt bike or ATV should rank high on your routine maintenance list and something easily done at home. It's much like changing the oil in your car except you don't have to crawl under the engine. Fresh oil...

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Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms on a Dirt Bike or ATV

Despite the ah-dang-it sputtering demise of the engine you actually might not have run out of gas. You'll know this once you unscrew the gas cap and see half a tank of fuel left. Now you know what happens when the fuel pump gives out. A bad...

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Should You Snorkel Your ATV?

Photo: ATVMudslinger.com If you've spent any time in a body of water it's quickly noted that to have any fun you need a snorkel. The same could very well be said of swimming but since we rip ATVs through the mud and water to do so effectively...

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ATV tire and wheel guide

A Guide to Choosing ATV Tires & Wheels

ATV owners have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right tires and wheels for their 4-wheeler. ATV wheels and especially tires probably not only get upgraded more than any other part but the first of the stock options to get...

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Symptoms of a Clogged Air Filter

Unlike a car that runs relatively normal with a dirty air filter, operating a dirt bike or ATV using a clogged lung poses a number of problems. In fact, you might not even get the engine to start if it's completely gummed up. Dirt bike and ATV...

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How To Clean a Dirt Bike or ATV Air Filter

The air filter on your dirt bike or ATV is one of the most crucial components to maintaining the engine life of your machine. The air filter prevents sand, dirt, pebbles, and small sticks - really just about anything that the air...

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Choosing the best beginner ATV

Choosing The Best ATV For Beginners

The ATV is a popular investment for recreation enthusiasts and those who love the outdoors. Anyone can reasonably expect to get on and ride with little difficulty. Where the dirt bike poses a balancing challenge the four-wheel ATV can be looked...

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Dirt Bike and ATV Exhaust Smoke Color

Smoke Signals: Exhaust Smoke Color

When cylinders go bad, gaskets leak or really anything internal on your dirt bike or ATV engine that allows for flawed combustion of fuel or any fluid used for the proper function of a 2-stroke or 4-stroke the telltale sign is usually seen coming...

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Ask a Mechanic: Dirt Bike Grips

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: Any tips on a quick fix for damaged dirt bike grips? I tried stretching the life out of a pair during a recent race only to have them start to unravel during practice and I...

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Best ATV for Sand Dunes

Many ATV owners enjoy the technical aspects to riding on sand and the dunes offer an unprecedented experience like nothing else. Those who dabble on the sand dunes, after years of riding the track or trails, often return much sooner than later....

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