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Dirt Bike Tech Tips

How To Clean a Dirt Bike or ATV Air Filter

The air filter on your dirt bike or ATV is one of the most crucial components to maintaining the engine life of your machine. The air filter prevents sand, dirt, pebbles, and small sticks - really just about anything that the air in...

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Tips to finding the best 2-stroke dirt bike exhaust

How to Pick the Best 2-Stroke Exhaust for Your Dirt Bike

Brrraaap. The sweet, sweet sound of a 2-stroke engine. It is a favorite among motocross enthusiasts and we've seen our share of scuffles break out over the subject of 2-strokes vs. 4-strokes - but we're not here to take sides! If you're look...

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How To Break In Motocross Boots

As of today, no one has ever run a marathon wearing Motocross boots. So, unless you're a glutton for punishment you never will either. If you tried you wouldn't last a mile. It's a good thing our feet and legs can't comprehend claustrophobia bec...

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Dirt Bike Chain Length - Need Help?

It's too looooong! Yes it is. It's supposed to be too long. It's actually a common gripe we get after a customer, usually new to dirt biking, attempts to install their new dirt bike chain and discovers it doesn't fit. So, we're here to dispel ...

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Buying Guide for Kids dirt bike helmets

Dirt Bike Helmets for Kids Buying Guide

Your little one wants to ride a dirt bike! It's a fantastic sport and the younger they start the better. We are parents, too. Maybe the thought of your son or daughter riding a motorcycle sends a shiver down your spine or perhaps pushes your ex...

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How To Clean Your Motocross Helmet

What's worse than a worn pair of underwear after a marathon run? Well, nothing, but a pretty close second is your Motocross helmet after a day at the track. If you're not on the up-and-up to cleaning your dirt bike helmet after a day of riding t...

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Best method to breaking in a new dirt bike engine

Breaking Bad: How To Break in a Dirt Bike Engine

You just bought a brand, spanking new dirt bike. It's clean, shiny and not a scratch or dent on it. It's perfect. You may even think perhaps its best as a show bike. Why mess it up? That'll pass soon enough and once the urge to ride takes over y...

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Dirt Bike carb jetting guide

A Simple Guide To Jetting Your Carb

Don't you just love jetting your carb? Ok, probably not. In fact, jetting your dirt bike is probably one of the most, if not the most dreaded part of maintenance. Unfortunately, it's not something to deal with later and keep putting off. Racers ...

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Dirt Bike and ATV Exhaust Smoke Color

Smoke Signals: Exhaust Smoke Color

When cylinders go bad, gaskets leak or really anything internal on your dirt bike or ATV engine that allows for flawed combustion of fuel or any fluid used for the proper function of a 2-stroke or 4-stroke the telltale sign is usually seen coming ...

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The Ultimate Dirt Bike Sprocket & Gearing Guide

One of the most important aspects to owning a dirt bike is maintenance. Changing the fluids, replacing filters and tending to the drive components increases the life of your bike and keeps your ride in top competitive shape. Changing dirt bike ...

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