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ATV Tech Tips

How To Clean a Dirt Bike or ATV Air Filter

The air filter on your dirt bike or ATV is one of the most crucial components to maintaining the engine life of your machine. The air filter prevents sand, dirt, pebbles, and small sticks - really just about anything that the air in...

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Dirt Bike and ATV Exhaust Smoke Color

Smoke Signals: Exhaust Smoke Color

When cylinders go bad, gaskets leak or really anything internal on your dirt bike or ATV engine that allows for flawed combustion of fuel or any fluid used for the proper function of a 2-stroke or 4-stroke the telltale sign is usually seen coming ...

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Ask a Mechanic: Dirt Bike Grips

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: Any tips on a quick fix for damaged dirt bike grips? I tried stretching the life out of a pair during a recent race only to have them start to unravel during practice and I ...

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How to Break in Brake Pads

Breaking in Dirt Bike or ATV Brake Pads A fresh set of brake pads on your dirt bike makes all the difference when it comes to stopping power. You know the signs for when to get the brake checked and you know how to replace them (once learned - ...

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How to remove baked on gaskets

How To Remove Baked on Gaskets

Dirt bikes and ATVs use a variety of gaskets that act as a barrier to outside contaminants and as a lock to keep operating fluids inside a sealed compartment. Gasket use ranges from the crankcase to the exhaust system and many parts in between. ...

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How to increase the horsepower in an ATV

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your ATV

ATVs generally have the same engine as a dirt bike, though these machines don't hold the same level of horsepower because of factory specifications and load loss from the electronics.. But a few opportunities exist to get an increase in horsepow...

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Information on ATV spark plugs

ATV Spark Plugs

The oddest looking part on your ATV turns out to be one of the most important. The spark plug on your ATV not only starts the engine but keeps it running by maintaining a continuous spark firing once per full revolution on a 2-stroke and every o...

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Tips to finding a good dirt bike mechanic

How To Find a Good Dirt Bike Mechanic

Always assume some risk when leaving your dirt bike in the hands of a qualified mechanic. People make mistakes and sometimes people don't always have the best intentions. The best mechanic rests with you. Learn as much about maintenance so the o...

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Advice on dealing with bad bearings in a dirt bike

Ask a Mechanic: Bad Bearing Symptoms

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: What are the signs of bad bearings especially bad wheel bearing symptoms? A: A number of bearings help keep your dirt bike moving (literally in some cases) and functioning ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Radiator Hoses

The horror of finding a puddle of radiator fluid on the garage floor underneath your dirt bike or facing a geyser of steam during a ride often gets tempered after discovering the problem rests with the radiator hoses not the radiator. Replacing ...

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