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ATV Tech Tips

ATV rider on the trails

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your ATV

ATVs generally have the same engine as a dirt bike, though these machines don't hold the same level of horsepower because of factory specifications and load loss from the electronics.. But a few opportunities exist to get an increase in horsepow...

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Photo of ATV engine casing

ATV Spark Plugs

The oddest looking part on your ATV turns out to be one of the most important. The spark plug on your ATV not only starts the engine but keeps it running by maintaining a continuous spark firing once per full revolution on a 2-stroke and every o...

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Dirt bike leaning on a dirt bike stand

How To Find a Good Dirt Bike Mechanic

Always assume some risk when leaving your dirt bike in the hands of a qualified mechanic. People make mistakes and sometimes people don't always have the best intentions. The best mechanic rests with you. Learn as much about maintenance so the o...

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Ask a Mechanic: Bad Bearing Symptoms

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: What are the signs of bad bearings especially bad wheel bearing symptoms? A: A number of bearings help keep your dirt bike moving (literally in some cases) and functioning ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Radiator Hoses

The horror of finding a puddle of radiator fluid on the garage floor underneath your dirt bike or facing a geyser of steam during a ride often gets tempered after discovering the problem rests with the radiator hoses not the radiator. Replacing ...

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Do I Need a Big Bore Kit?

A big bore kit offers a significant upgrade opportunity for anyone looking for an immediate boost in performance while riding their dirt bike or ATV. A big bore kit replaces the stock piston and cylinder bore with a larger version that provides ...

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ATV Weight - How To Trim Some Pounds

Shedding the amount of weight on an ATV might sound more like an attempt to reduce the flying weight of an airplane. Let's face it, ATVs are big and heavy and the idea of dropping a few pounds sounds a bit like wasted time and even wasted money ...

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Ask a Mechanic: Service Intervals by Hours Not Miles

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: How come service intervals for my dirt bike are measured in hours and not miles like my car? A: Dirt bikes and ATVs were originally considered "equipment" rather than ...

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Dirt Bike and ATV Maintenance: When to Give Up and Call a Mechanic

Remember the first time you changed the oil in your dirt bike or ATV? Did it go perfectly well? As the technical aspects of maintenance increased you probably encountered more challenges until you overcame them. How else will you learn and gro...

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Cold Weather Riding Gear for Dirt Bikes and ATVs

Baby, it's cold outside. Oh wait, that song is now illegal in some states. #enoughalready. But not riding in cold weather. Though when it is cold outside who in their right mind wants to ride? Certainly not in the typical summer get-up of thin...

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